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Contents: Auto sports (Solo-I SoloSprint RaceTrack) events in Southern Ontario, Canada
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Solo-1 Track Racing

Introduction to Solo-1 (Track Racing)

Solo-1 and Solo-1 provides individual race track time without many of the inherent dangers of wheel-to-wheel competition. Therefore it provides the excitement of speed and winning but with considerably reduced risk of vehicle damage. Solo Ontario holds a series of events at Shannonville and Mosport and Cayuga and Calabogie racetracks.

Participation in the Ontario Solo-1 series requires membership in one of the many CASC affiliated Ontario Automobile Sport club, a CASC Ontario Grade-C Competition license ($60.00, 703 Petrolia Rd, Downsview, ON M3J-2N6, 416-667-9500), a standard OEM 3-point seat-belt, and a special vehicle safety check. You can register with Solo Ontario for the full series or by individual events.

Solo-1 generally runs a Solo-1 school every spring. It is a great bargin ($395 for a full day of classroom/track with in-car instructors, **AND** a subsequent solo-1 event with instructors helping you) and you only need regular seat belts and helmet. It is an ideal introduction for beginners (even if you do not go on to participate in regular Solo-1 events). WARNING: It sells out VERY quickly, usually early during the open house. Also, BMW and Lotus and MCO offer similar high-performance (Track) driving schools.

Official Solo-1 Ontario site

Solo-1 Ontario

Solo-1 2007 Ontario Championship Events:

  • Sun 01 Apr 2007, Solo-1 (Track) & Solo-2 (ParkingLot) Open House & Regional Series Registration (1-4pm) (CSC Racing)
  • Sat/Sun 12/13 May 2007, Solo-1 School#1-#2 (OMSC/TAC) (Mosport DDT)
  • Sat/Sun 26/27 May 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series Event-1/2 (OMSC)(Mosport DDT)
  • Sat/Sun 09/10 Jun 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series Event-3/4 (HADA)(Shannonville Fabi/Pro)
  • Sat/Sun 23/24 Jun 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series School#3 /Event-5 (MCO)(Calabogie)
  • Sat/Sun 18/19 Aug 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series Event-6/7 (TAC/SPDA)(Cayuga)
  • Sat/Sun 22/23 Sep 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series Event-8/9 (HADA) (Shannonville Pro/Pro)
  • Sat/Sun 06/07 Oct 2007, Solo-1 Championship Series ASN SoloSprint Championship Day-1/2 (TAC)(Mosport RoadCourse)
  • Sat 03 Nov 2007, CASC Solo-1 & Solo-2 Awards Banquet (T.B.D.)
  • 2007 Ontario Solo-2 (AutoSlalom) Championship Series Events
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