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Contents: Auto sports (Solo-II AutoSlalom) events in Southern Ontario, Canada

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AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Racing ("Parking-lot Pylons")

New 2007 Information:

  • Introduction to Solo-2 (AutoSlalom)
  • 2007 Solo-1+2 Open House and Series Registration 01 apr 1-4pm at CSC Racing
  • Mobil-1 2007 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Events and Solo-1&2 Banquet
  • Official Solo2Ontario webpage.

    Past Results:

  • Mobil-1 2002 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results
  • Mobil-1 2001 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results
  • Mobil-1 2000 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results
  • Mobil-1 1999 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results
  • Mobil-1 1998 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results
  • Introduction to AutoSlalom (Solo-2)

    Solo-2 and Solo-2 is an individually timed contest of auto control through a course. Courses are set up in large paved spaces, typically parking lots, using pylons to mark the course. There is a wide range of car classifications. The SanFrancisco region has a nice FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) handbook for beginners, and TireRack has a nice Novice Handbook

    Solo-2 requires a helmet (Snell 85 or better), valid drivers licence, and an on-site vehicle tech inspection. Club membership is encouraged but generally not required.

    CASC Novice/Advanced AutoSlalom School

    The school is aimed at novices who have not competed in any (or few) AutoSlaloms, but who are committed to competing in such events this year. It is not a basic "Street-Driver" Car-Control school, but is intended to focus on AutoCross skills and hopefully provide the equivalent of one years "try-as-you-go" experience all in two focused days of learning. Cost is $60+$40, limited to 30+50 drivers (plus instructors/drivers), Registration/waivers/coursewalk 9:00-10:00, starts 10:01.

    Arrive at 9am, 9-9:30 is registration and safety inspection and tire inflation (we'll tell you how), 9:30-10:00 is intro and questions and course overview. The day following the Novice school, there will be an "Intermediate/Advanced AutoSlalom School". It is aimed at experienced AutoCrossers who want to focus on refining their skills, and will be a set of specific exercises each targeting a specific skill.

    You need a helmet (even a motorcycle helmet is OK), must be 2000 or newer and must have no visible damage/cracks. Valid helmets are Motorcycle (OK), Snell (better), Snell-SA (best). Either open-face or closed-face (mouth/jaw protection).


    Registration *WILL* be limited to members of CASC clubs. Initial registration is at the CASC Open House.

    If you are experienced and can help please send me a note. You will also get some runs during the day and registration will be free. A few Helpers would be appreciated, but in general students will be driving 50%time, and picking up cones 50%time. Instructors will be instructing (riding with students or co-driving) not picking up cones.

    Mobil-1 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) 2005 Ontario Championship Series

    Solo 2 Series Hotline / Registration
    Voice: (416) 252-9813 (to 11pm)
    Fax: (416) 252-0938 (to 11pm)

    Director:Pete Mills (
    (416) 259-9650 (to 10pm)

    AutoSlalom Ontario Championship Registration:

    Official Solo-2 Ontario site

    Solo-2 Ontario

    Mobil-1 AutoSlalom 2007 Ontario Championship Events:

    Mobil-1 2002 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Results

    Mobil-1 2001 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Results

  • 2001 AutoSlalom Championship series Classes (year-to-date)
  • 2001 AutoSlalom Championship series Points (by Events)
  • 2001 AutoSlalom Championship series Overall (year-to-date)
  • 2001 AutoSlalom Championship series Rookie Yokohama "Rookie-of-the-year" (year-to-date)
  • 2001 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Sponsors:

    Mobil-1 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) 2000 Ontario Championship Series

    Contact: Barry Searle,
    6064 St Ives Way
    Mississauga, ON L5N-4M1
    Phone (W:416-448-4020 H:905-858-3255)

    2000 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Sponsors

    Mobil-1 1999 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results

    Mobil-1 1998 AutoSlalom (Solo-2) Championship Series Results

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