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Contents: Auto sports (Solo-I, Solo-II, AutoSlalom, Racing) clubs in Southern Ontario, Canada
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Solo-1&2 AutoSport Clubs

Advanced Drivers Group (Ottawa)

Contact: Greg Connoly (W:613-728-1901, H:613-823-4396)
148 Foxfield Dr, Nepean, Ont. K2J 2T1
The ADVANCED DRIVER GROUP is not a performance driving school, nor is it a place for track neophytes. Participation at our events is by invitation only. Invitation is extended to drivers who have participated in our events before and to drivers who have been recommended by either members of our group, driving school instructors, or sports car club executives. Additional criteria for invitation are some form of prior performance driving school instruction and subsequent track experience. Not withstanding this, we do usually have available one or more instructors at our events.

The main purpose of the ADVANCED DRIVER GROUP is to provide drivers, who already know the basics of high speed track driving, unlimited seat time in order that they might both improve their driving skills and fully enjoy their sport. To this end, at our Advanced :Driver Improvement Days, we run an open track the full day, with no groups. Lapping starts at 9:00 a.m. and finishes at 5:00 p.m. with no down time. Each driver is free to come and go on the track at will and participants have no corner worker or flagging obligations.

Unlike traditional motorsport club events, Advanced Driver Improvement Days are completely non-competitive. Passing is allowed only in specified areas and only when signalled by the driver being passed. Cars must follow at a safe distance, no dicing is allowed,and no timing is done. Each participant drives at his/her comfort level. Because there is no pressure to compete,drivers push themselves and their cars only as long as it is safe and enjoyable. For this reason, this type of event is usually less stressful on both driver and vehicle than either slalom or time trials.

2007 events:

The following events are only for experienced (track) drivers:

Burlington Autosport Club (BAC, Burlington)

Contact: John Blennerhassett (H:416-512-0649)
40 RiseBorough Ave,
North York ON M2M-2E1

2007 events:

British Auto Race Club (BARC, Ontario)

Contact: Andy Murray
POBox 1282 Stn-K
Toronto Ont M4P-3E5

2007 events:

British Empire Motor Club (BEMC, Ontario)

Contact: Paul Johnson (905-820-5658)

2007 information:

Club does not do Solo-1 or Solo-2, mostly Race.

BMW Club of Canada (BMW, Trillium Chapter)

Contact: John Dimoff (905-940-0244)
POBox 463, Station-D,
Etobicoke ON, M9A-4X4
or, Blake Nancarrow, EMail:
or, Rolf Lange, 416-233-6604, EMail:

2007 Schedule of events (Trillium Chapter):

MDS-SCIEX: No 2007 information available yet.

Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC)

Contact: 416-667-9500 Bob Varey
703 Petrolia Road, Downsview, ON M3J-2N6
This is the starting point for Amateur racing in Canada (Ontario). Please browse their CASC webPage.

2007 Solo-2 (AutoSlalom) Events:

  • See Championship Series for the Mobil-1 Solo-2 (AutoSlalom) 2005 Championship Series Schedule/Locations
  • 2007 Solo-1 (Track) Events:

  • See Championship Series for the Solo-1 (Track) 2005 Championship Series Schedule/Locations

  • Competition Corvette(COMP, Ontario)

    Contact: c/o 3171 Sundown Circle
    Mississauga , Ontario
    Canada L5N 4R8

    2007 Solo-2 events:

    2007 Drag events

    Deutscher Automobil Club (DAC, Ontario)

    Contact: Klaus Bartels (416-282-9865)
    66 Celeste Drive,
    Scarborough ON M1E-2V1

    2008 information

    Club does not do Solo-1 or Solo-2, mostly Race.

    Dexter Autosport

    Contact: Howard Dexter (905) 677-7133
    7205 Goreway Drive, Mississauga,
    ONT L4T 2T9

    No 2007 information available yet

    Grand Valley Car Club (GVCC, Ontario)

    Contact: Edward Burkart (519-648-3915)
    4a-385 Fairway Ed S., Box 144
    Kitchener ON N2C-2N9

    No 2007 information available yet

    HADA Motorsport Club (HADA)

    Contact: Dave Pratte (905-304-9258)
    HADA (Honda Acura Drivers Association) Motorsport Club,
    118 Foxborough Dr, Ancaster, ONT L9G-4Z1

    2007 Solo-2 Information:

  • Sun 06 May 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-1(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)
  • Sat 30 Jun 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-2(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)
  • Sat 21 Jul 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-3(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)
  • Sat 11 Aug 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-4(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)
  • Sun 26 AUg 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-5(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)
  • Sun 16 Sep 2007, Solo-2 Club Event-6(HADA)(???? T.B.D.)

  • Horizon Racing Club (HRC, Toronto)

    Contact: Pierre Savoy (416-259-9109) or Katia DiFrancesco (905-640-1777)
    HRC Horizon Racing Club Inc,
    4925 Bethusda Rd, RR #4
    Stoufville, ON, L4A-7X5

    2007 information

    Club does not do Solo-1 or Solo-2, mostly Race.

    London Auto Sport Club (Solo-1) (LASC, Ontario)

    Contact: John McInnes (519-666-1408)
    PO Box 264,
    London, ON, N6A-4V8??

    No 2007 information available yet

    Lotus Club Canada (Solo-1) (Toronto, Ontario)

    Contact: Rob Durston (416-424-4152)
    15 Athlone Road,
    Toronto, ON, M4J-4H1

    No 2007 information not available yet

  • ?? Jul ????, Track Lotus Driving School (Mosport Main Track, $225/$250)

  • MotorSport Club of Ottawa (MCO, Ottawa)

    Contact: Chris Holmsten
    P.O. Box 65006,
    Merivale Post Office
    Nepean, Ontario
    K2G 5Y3
    Nepean, Ontario, K2J 3L8
    (613) 831-1720

    2007 MCO Solo-2 Events:

    Maple Leaf Rally Club (MLRC, Ottawa)

    Contact: Tom Bartman Maple Leaf Rally Club
    P. O. Box 727
    Downsview, Ontario, M3M 3A9

    2007 MLRC Rally Events:

    Oshawa Motor Sport Club (OMSC, Oshawa)

    Jeff Christie, H:905-895-2575
    POBox 555,
    Oshawa ON, L1H-7L9

    2007 Information:

    Peterborough MotorSport Club (PMSC, Peterborough)

    Contact: Pete Gulliver (705-292-7232)
    POBox 131,
    Peterborough, ON K9J-6Y5

    2007 Information :

    Raven Performance

    Contact: John Dimoff, 905-477-1800
    7634 Woodbine Ave. (Unit-6)
    Markham, ON. L3R-2N2

    2005 Information

  • No 2005 information available yet.

  • RX7 & Mazda Sportscar Owners Club ( RX7/MSOC, Mississauga)

    (events are open to non-mazda cars).
    Contact: Daryll Dimitroff, 905-275-9893
    RX7/MSOC, 3327 Charmaine Hts,
    Mississauga, ONT. L5A-3C2

    2007 Williams - Push-It-To-The-Limits Solo-2 events:


    St.Catharines Motor Club (StCatharines)

    Contact: Doug Coverdale H:905-935-9878
    Box 23093, 124 Welland Avenue
    RPO, St. Catharines, On.
    L2R 7P6E
    or IAIN TUGWELL, Mail:

    2007 AutoSlaloms (Mark 905-329-6242 and leave a message)

    SPDA Subaru Performance Drivers Association (SPDA, Mississauga)

    (events are open to non-subaru cars).
    Contact: WebPage

    2007 information:

    St.Lawrence AutoSport Club (StLAC,Kingston)

    Contact: Burl Vibert (613-384-9043)
    POBox 1779
    Kingston ON K7L-5J6

    2007 information

    Toronto AutoSport Club (TAC, Toronto)

    Contact: Chris Sorenson
    74 Goldbrook Crescent,
    Richmond Hill,
    Ontario, L4S 1V3

    2007 information

    Toronto Chinese MotorSport Club (TCMC, Toronto)

    Contact: Joe (416-429-8790)
    1531 Bayview Ave, Box 43530, Toronto ON, M4G-4G8
    These are "Pro-Solo" side-by-side autocrossing on mirror-image courses.

    2007 information

    No 2007 information available yet.

    Twin Lakes Motor Club (TLMC, Barrie)

    Contact: Dave Galos
    20 Wallace Dr.,
    Barrie, ON, L4N 7E2

    2007 information

  • Sun 06 May 2007, Solo-2 club event-1 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 27 May 2007, Solo-2 club event-2 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 10 Jun 2007, Solo-2 club event-3 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 08 Jul 2007, Solo-2 club event-4 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 12 Aug 2007, Solo-2 club event-5 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 09 Sep 2007, Solo-2 club event-6 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)
  • Sun 30 Sep 2007, Solo-2 club event-7 (TLMC) (MolsonCenter, Barrie)

  • Molson Center

    Toronto FBody (Camaro-Firebird) Motosports (TFBM, Toronto)

    Thierry Cherpillod
    38 Domingo Street
    Maple, Ontario L6A 2Z5

    Solo-2 2007 Information:

    Drag 2007 Information:

    Trillium Miata Club (TMC, Markham)

    Contact: John BrigStocke 905-477-3348
    John Brigstocke 905-477-3348
    5 Hallam Rd,
    Markham, Ontario L3P 5Y4

    2007 information

    Western Ontario Sports Car Assoc (WOSCA, London)

    Contact: Neil Laing 519-681-6756
    c/o 338 Burwell St,
    London, ON N6B-2V9

    Delaware RaceWay:

    2007 Solo-II Information

  • Sun ?? May ????, Solo-2 club event-1 (WOSCA) (Blandford Square, Woodstock)

  • Blandford Mall:

    2007 Track Lapping information

  • No 2007 track information yet

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